the structure of our sessions

Young Mindfulness sessions are all themed to captivate the interest of your child, from rainbows, snow and rain to camping and the circus.

Take a breath

Take a breath

In an over stimulated world, we have to train ourselves to take a step back to clear our minds. Becoming aware of our breathing, through both games and exercises, enables our mind to become aware of our body. So simple yet so powerful. Breathing doesn’t have to be boring - we use pinwheels, straws and lots more!

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get creative

We must train our minds to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings but in a non-judgemental way - watching them come and go. In our sessions, we complete various activities, paying as much attention as we can. We make this as creative as possible, letting our little ones have fun (and sometimes get messy!)

Free your mind

free your mind

We end the session in peace and serenity by freeing our minds through a guided meditation. Our children are so lucky to have such elastic brains that allow them to use their imagination in a unique way. Through meditation, they find their inner-peace and normally leave feeling calm and relaxed.

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Hi there! I’m Mrs Nasser; a fully qualified primary school teacher with a Psychology degree.

My passion for both mindfulness and working with children led me to deliver mindfulness sessions for young minds!

Mindfulness greatly contributes to having a happy child filled with inner peace. At Young Mindfulness, we aim to equip children with strategies to regulate their emotions, giving them tools to carry with them for life.

At Young Mindfulness, we believe in sparking the joy in young minds and equipping them with strategies to regulate their emotions and enhance their wellbeing.

Take a breath. Get creative.
Free your mind.